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 Aircraft for sale

 Manufacturer / Type 


Price      Country


 Aeroplanes DAR 120 SOLO 


21,667    England 16725   
 Fisher FP-404 EXP 


20,250    England 3679   
 Flylight Skyranger Swift project 


45,250    Wales 5079   
 Medway Hybred 44XL (mod) 


2,100    England 11976   
 Pegasus XL-Q 


2,100    England 9970   
 Polaris FIB 582 


21,800    Greece 17336   



We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled aircraft ferrying service catering, predominantly, for planes weighing 12,500 lbs or less. Ferryair has 27 years aircraft ferrying experience since 1995 and has ferried craft ranging from GA singles including microlights up to complex utility twins and turboprop aircraft. We have the flight crews to serve aircraft ferrying operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Far East, Middle East and US. We provide all the necessary documentation, including over flight, to enable aircraft ferrying to proceed with minimal interruptions from export documentation and customs clearances.Ferryair uses the latest state of the art navigation software coupled with weather briefing data to enable efficiency and competitive prices for aircraft ferrying. Due to the current world climate, with security being an issue. When Ferryair provides you with aircraft ferrying services your plane is kept under watchful eyes. ONLINE QUOTES ARE AVAILABLE on www.ferryair.com SPECIAL RATES FOR SUMMER & WINTER FERRY FLIGHTS

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Date : 25-02-2022

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