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 Aircraft for sale

 Manufacturer / Type 


Price      Country


 Aeroplanes DAR 120 SOLO 


26,000    England 9663   
 Air Creation Tanarg 582 


18,000    Italy 8094   
 Air Creation Tanarg 582 


29,000    Greece 4854   
 Best Off Skyranger Swift 912S 


36,100    England 14093   
 Cessna FR-172 Hawk XP 


96,500 $   Wales 23927   
 CFM Shadow CD 


10,675    Malta 5126   
 CFM Shadow CD 


4,800    England 10798   
 CFM Streak Shadow 582 


11,250    England 10653   
 Eurocopter AS-350 Ecureuil 


640,000 $   Wales 9250   
 Fisher FP-404 XP 


Inquire      England 2250   
 Jabiru SK 


20,400    England 13309   
 Jabiru SK 430 


21,300    Wales 4953   
 Lorimer Quaich 


Inquire      England 4609   
 Mainair Gemini 


2,100    England 6123   
 Mainair Pegasus Quik GT450 


27,780    France 9856   
 Medway Hybred 44XL (mod) 


2,300    England 7862   
 Mignet HM-1000 Balerit 


10,450    England 8952   
 Pegasus Quantum 15 582 


7,325    England 11073   
 Pegasus Quantum 15 582 


5,000    Lithuania 5788   
 Pegasus Quantum 912 


12,500    Ireland 7736   
 Pegasus XL-Q 


2,300    England 6559   
 Pegasus XL-R mod 


2,100    England 4312   
 Polaris FIB 582 


21,800    Greece 11291   
 SG Storm 280 


Inquire      Italy 6028   
 Solar Wings Flash Flexwing 


3,000    England 5083   
 Solar Wings Panther XL-S 


Inquire      Wales 4933   
 Spacek SD-1 


20,900    Italy 4785   
 Tecnam P-2002 Sierra 


100,000    Italy 5201   
 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius 


85,500    Portugal 14539   
 Vidor Asso X Jewel 


Inquire      Italy 8497   



We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled aircraft ferrying service catering, predominantly, for planes weighing 12,500 lbs or less. Ferryair has 24 years aircraft ferrying experience since 1995 and has ferried craft ranging from GA singles including microlights up to complex utility twins and turboprop aircraft. We have the flight crews to serve aircraft ferrying operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Far East, Middle East and US. We provide all the necessary documentation, including over flight, to enable aircraft ferrying to proceed with minimal interruptions from export documentation and customs clearances.Ferryair uses the latest state of the art navigation software coupled with weather briefing data to enable efficiency and competitive prices for aircraft ferrying. Due to the current world climate, with security being an issue. When Ferryair provides you with aircraft ferrying services your plane is kept under watchful eyes. ONLINE QUOTES ARE AVAILABLE on www.ferryair.com SPECIAL RATES FOR SUMMER & WINTER FERRY FLIGHTS

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Date : 15-04-2019

Aurus Propellers (Italia)

AURUS PROPELLERS Italy The propellers for aeronautical use Auruspropellers are produced by AS Avia Sas Esse born from the passion of Aurelio Soffli. Propellers are ideal for Rotax 912/912s - Jabiru 2200 - Continental Aero 0-200 engines & OTHER APPLICATIONS. For a 180cm propeller (two blades, fixed pitch). the price is 1200 euros including VAT, without shipping. For a 150cm propeller, Jab2200 (two blades, fixed pitch). the price is 1000 euros including VAT, without shipping. For engines with power over 120hp design and build propellers three blades (fixed pitch). Price 1800 euros including VAT, without shipping. Today, after years of commitment and studies on our achievements, we design and build highly efficient propellers, conceived on the particular aerodynamic specifications of the aircraft and the type of engine used. Our studies have always been aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the motor-propulsive apparatus and for this reason the results obtained are propellers that have shown a significant increase in performance both on take off and on the cruise of the aircraft on which they are installed. All this resulted in less engine wear, greater flight range, less noise and therefore greater comfort for the rider. These performance results, but also aesthetic, have been achieved thanks to the care taken in the choice of materials and the meticulousness of their manufacture. Contact us to test our propellers on your plane, to check the performance and the actual quality of our achievements, measuring together the improvement of the flight characteristics of the aircraft. DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF CUSTOM AERIAL PLANE We design and build wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental and vintage, starting from the flight characteristics of the aircraft, from those of the engine and any gearbox. We also perform various repairs and maintenance on all types of aerial propellers, even in composite material. The material we mainly use is wood, which we choose carefully and according to precise criteria. Very often agree with the customer, we finish our propellers with transparent paints, because we believe it is more beautiful to be able to follow the grain of the wood along the blades and to appreciate the value of the used essences. -- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS / ORDERS.

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Date : 02-07-2018

Rotax 912 (80hp ) LOW HOURS SINCE NEW.

Rotax 912 low hours only 270hrs 2009 Offers around 11600

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Date : 11-07-2015

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