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Patrick Lienhart
Graz, Austria
Phone +436601977785

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 Socata TB-9 Tampico Club 


58,500 €   Austria 2706   


Custom Laser Engraved Keychain Tags Leather Style

I engrave these myself, non profit, at cost. I can do any logo / text combination. Usually a plane/type logo goes on one side and the registration on the back. People love it! They add a nice touch to any Airplane Key! Including shipping and handling: 1 - 20€ 2 - 30€ 3 - 40€ Want one? Simply fill out this form and I’ll be in touch! --- View 1 --- View 2 ---

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Date : 12-05-2021

Personal Owner/Pilot Coach - Individual Services for PPLs

I am a 15 years industry experience Pro Pilot (ATPL 6000+h, SEP, MEP, SET, MET, JET incl. 777 and 787) with a passion for GA and meeting + working with individual owner pilots. No matter if you want to buy a SEP like DA40, Cirrus SR22/T, or a MEP like DA42/62, or maybe a SET such as a TBM, PC12 or your first light Jet, I will accompany and advise you to make it a fun and seamless experience. My strength is my unmatched dedication so you can attain your personal flying goals. Based in Europe, services offered worldwide. Extensive experience coaching new owner pilots on all things general aviation: Mentoring, Safety Pilot, Purchase advice, Research, Pre Buy, Insurance, Maintenance (Part-ML AMP), Legal briefing regarding EASA NCO + NCC OPS. Also acting as personal EASA IR instructor if you want to do your IFR rating at your own pace or in your own airplane (EASA CB IR). First day free to check the chemistry! On location daily rate 500€ excl. travel/accommodation expenses. Organizational work billed by the hour. Excellent recommendations by references available. Discrete and trustworthy! --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 ---

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Date : 23-04-2021

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