1995 Lancair 360 200HP/200kt

Spain   € Inquire
Excellent condition
2007 Cessna 350

Czech Rep.   € 329,000
Fresh Annual
1977 Beech 58 Baron G500TXi

France   € 245,000
Reduced Winter Price
2018 Zlin Savage Shock Cub

Czech Rep.   € 78,000
Tecnam Echo Sale
2002 Tecnam P-92 Echo

Czech Rep.   € 48,000
Well Equipped
1977 Cessna F-172 Skyhawk N G5

France   € 120,000
2010 Flight Design MC
Lithuania   $ 83,999
Intercooler | GNS530
1978 Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III

France   € 130,000
553 KG Payload
1972 Cessna 182 skydive

France   € 125,000
FL300 Certified
1978 Beech E90 King Air

France   $ Inquire
Long Range 9 Hours
1972 Robin HR-100 Royal 200B

Switzerland   € 72,100
UL Superspeeder
2013 Shark.Aero Shark

Germany   € 157,900
Enjoy 2x 2,400 HP !
1945 Douglas A-26 Invader OnMark

Germany   $ Inquire

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Attention: in particular ads of expensive avionics may be subject to fraud. We recommend to pay for navigation equipment, radios and transponders via an escrow service. Such will minimize the risk of ordering goods you will not receive.

Looking for painting workshop

I am looking for an aéronautical painting workshop to repaint a single engine .

Contact PiecesTB9, residing RVS, France.
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Date : 22-11-2022

Get your EASA Basic Instrument Rating now!

Professional airline pilot and flight instructor offers EASA BIR Basic Instrument Rating (and Competency Based Instrument Rating CBIR) Theory and Practical part. Flexible Freelance Independent IFR Theory and Practical Instruction according to your schedule. On your own aircraft or can provide FADEC G500TXI GFC500 equipped aircraft for training. Can add your aircraft to ATO. Also offering 1 on 1 theory instruction and 1 on 1 remote PC simulator instruction to easily grasp procedures, interceptions, holdings. Additional 1-1 remote video tutoring offered for avionics (G1000, G500Txi, G3000, etc.) and ForeFlight planning and navigation. Hourly Rate 60€ + VAT. Daily rate 500€ + VAT. EASA BIR Basic Instrument Rating Information: The EASA Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) The short summary of the BIR is that for the theory exams, you’ll be memorizing only around 1400 questions instead of over 4000 (CB IR). A major improvement. For the practical part, there are no minimum flight hour requirements. This isn’t to say someone will now magically attain instrument proficiency with significantly less than the usually mandated 40 hours, but it means you can grab an instructor (even remotely via screen sharing), fire up X-Plane on your computer, and spend very little money for grasping basic and procedural IFR concepts as well as complex avionics, well before spending your hard earned money in an airplane. Obviously, one could do the same to complement CB IR training just as well, but there you’d have to spend 30 hours in either a certified FNPT or an airplane, in order to count towards the required hours. With the BIR, what counts is your actual competence foremost, how you achieve it is more liberal. BIR Theory First you’ll do a theory course at an ATO. Most ATOs didn’t bother creating and obtaining approval for a dedicated BIR theory course, so you’ll end up clicking yourself through a CBIR theory course. A bit of a nuisance, but doesn’t really matter. The important part is that instead of 7 exams (as for CBIR) you’ll do only 3. And as stated above, the question bank is significantly smaller. That means a greatly reduced amount of evenings wasted “clicking”, and one day of 3 exams vs. three days of 3-2-2 exams. BIR Practical Flight Training There are no minimum hours. Instead, the BIR flight training is divided into three modules (single engine) or four models (multi engine) respectively. You work, for example with an independent instructor, until competence is attained, and then complete each module with a flight (or flights, if required) at an ATO (module iii, “enroute” can also be completed outside an ATO). Contact to discuss your path to the EASA Instrument Rating. --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 ---

Contact Patrick Leanhard, Dedication in Aviation, residing Vienna, Austria, phone +436601977785.
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Date : 21-11-2022

Reliable Currency Exchange Specialists

We are market leaders in foreign exchange servicing both corporate businesses and private individuals, we simply aim to achieve the most favorable exchange rates while providing world class service and unrivalled worldwide payment speeds at the very best exchange rates. Whether you are private individual purchasing an aircraft in a foreign currency, or an established business searching for a reliable currency specialist we are on hand to make your international payments and currency exchange needs as easy and affordable as possible. Stop taking absurd bank exchange rates today. Enquire for a quote or questions regarding our services.

Contact Luke Jones, Hamer and Hamer , residing London, England, phone +44 2035985420.
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Date : 17-11-2022


We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled aircraft ferrying service catering, predominantly, for planes weighing 12,500 lbs or less. Ferryair has 27 years aircraft ferrying experience since 1995 and has ferried craft ranging from GA singles including microlights up to complex utility twins and turboprop aircraft. We have the flight crews to serve aircraft ferrying operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Far East, Middle East and US. We provide all the necessary documentation, including over flight, to enable aircraft ferrying to proceed with minimal interruptions from export documentation and customs clearances.Ferryair uses the latest state of the art navigation software coupled with weather briefing data to enable efficiency and competitive prices for aircraft ferrying. Due to the current world climate, with security being an issue. When Ferryair provide you with aircraft ferrying services your plane is kept under watchful eyes. ONLINE QUOTES ARE AVAILABLE on www.ferryair.com SPECIAL RATES FOR SUMMER & WINTER FERRY FLIGHTS.

Contact Peter Kelsey, Ferryair Worldwide, residing Edinburgh, Scotland, phone 00447901580474.
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Date : 16-11-2022



Contact Peter Schjoett, residing Billund, Denmark, phone +4540636463.
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Date : 15-11-2022

Wassmer, horizontal stabilizer repair (delamination)

Hello, i found a company to repair the horizontal stabilizer from a Wassmer WA51, WA52, WA54 Here are the contact-data: Art and Fly 68bis avenue François Mitterrand 18000 Bourges (France) owner: Christophe Thebault phone: +33 607 873 952 Best regards, Stephan Tröster

Contact Stephan Troester, residing Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany, phone +4916095054466.
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Date : 19-10-2022

Aircraft Trust Service - N- Registration

We operate a very reliable and fully transparent Trust Service for N-registered aircraft in Europe, with an office in Kematen, Austria and more than 30 years of experience - Fastest possible registration process with the FAA - For more information or to request a quote visit our website: www.euroaviationinc.com You can phone us directly at 0043-650-8600024 or send an email to euroaviation@euram.at

Contact Euroaviation Inc. Trustee Service , Euroaviation Inc., residing Kematen, Austria, phone 0043-650-8600024.
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Date : 18-10-2022

Buying Or Selling An Aircraft Should Be Turbulence Free

Take the unknowns out of aircraft transactions by putting our team of experts on your side of the table. Our proven listing, marketing, and closing process eliminates stress so you can save time and avoid the hassle. With more than 230 aircraft transactions per year, we have extensive expertise across Cirrus, Cessna/Textron, Embraer, Piper, Daher, and Pilatus product lines.

Contact Philippe Polman, Lone Mountain Aircraft, residing London, England, phone +447794501432.
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Date : 18-10-2022

FAA A&P Mechanic IA - Aircraft Service Station!

FAA A&P Mechanic AI Periodic maintenance, heavy repairs, fabric recovering, interior refresh & upholstery, avionics installation and 100hour/annual inspections of N-registed aircraft, D-registered aircraft. Piper Cub Series and classic aircraft restoration specialists. Work performed by EASA and FAA A&P IA mechanics. Note: Limited capacity, book prior the service: www.classicaircraft.cz

Contact Marek Vala, Classic Aircraft Services, residing Kvasice, Czech Rep., phone +420602779356.
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Date : 17-10-2022

Night Ratings Freedom Aviation from 1st November 2022

Freedom Aviation will begin Night Ratings at London Oxford Airport from 1st November 2022. The Night Rating includes aircraft hire, fuel, instruction and all landings. We specialise in outstanding scenic night flights and can advise you on the best place to plan your nav route to see views you will never forget. www.freedomaviation.co.uk Please contact us for more information and to get booked in. Price £1750.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 16-10-2022

Hangarage at Cotswold Airport, Kemble from September 2022

We have one hangar slot or possibly two available at Cotswold Airport from September onwards. A high wing aircraft would be preferable. The price depends on the size of your aircraft. If you have any questions please ask or if you would like to come and view the hangar let us know and we can show you around. Cotswold Airport is situated at Kemble in Gloucestershire, close to Oxford, Gloucester, Bristol and Oaksey.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 21-08-2022

Lycoming and TCM Continental piston engines

We do repairs, overhaul repaires, prop strike repairs for any Lycoming and TCM piston engine, under 145 EASA Licence, for reasonable money. Ask for a quotation ! --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 ---

Contact Petr Rehulek, Aeromotory, residing Ostrava, Czech Rep., phone +420607237435.
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Date : 19-08-2022

Transatlantic ferry service small GA aircraft

Hi all aircraft owners: I will be available this Aug 2022 to deliver any single or multi piston and a few turboprops. I am an experienced pilot and mechanic who did plenty of transatlantic ferry’s between USA and Europe and between Europe and Asia and Africa. I arrange my own ferry permits flight permits and annual inspections. I assure the aircraft is airworthy ( FAA annual inspection can be done by myself on location) all services will be done my myself . No other companies involved. This is the easiest hassle free and best insured service. The prices are fixed with no extra cost at the end. Prebuy inspection on request for free. Any problems on the aircraft I can fix myself during the ferry to assure my safety and the delivery of your new aircraft. Limited to following aircraft: Cessna 100 and 200 and 300 series single and multi piston Cessna 401 402 404 414 421 425. Cessna 208 caravan Piper all Beechcraft all pistons and King air 90 100 and 200 Rockwell Commander jetprops and pistons. Current type ratings Boeing 737, Cessna CE-500, Douglas DC-3, Saab SF-340. My licenses FAA SACAA ATP CFI MEI A&P IA. 5000hr TT.. Reservations one month in advance Also available to do FAA IA inspections in Europe. Also available for FAA flight reviews in Europe. Many thanks Michael Fabry +32499227788

Contact Michael Fabry, Plane Rescue, residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 17-07-2022

PPL Ground School for all subjects - 2022

We offer PPL Ground School in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area which includes a full day of tuition and the exam fee with small classes. You study each subject in depth and then take the exam at the end of the day. Contact us via the website, www.freedomaviation.co.uk or 07973 322698 for further details.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 16-07-2022

Advanced UPRT Courses in 2022

Freedom Aviation based at Cotswold Airport, Kemble are running a number of courses for UPRT in 2022. Please contact us regarding our next courses in August. We have one space available. £1450 for the course, carried out in our Citabrias. If you have any additional requests please do contact us.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 16-07-2022