Very beautiful CT-SW
2005 Flight Design CT SW

   € Inquire
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania   € 41,999
2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 61,999
Most powerful Rotax
2020 Blackshape Prime 915is

Austria   € 199,000
1973 Grumman American AA-5 Traveler
England   € 31,999

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Aircraft for museum

Looking to receive as donation from behalf of various sponsors old or very old aircraft for static display into an aviation museum . Planes or helicopters ! Thank you.

Contact Marian Madalin, residing Bucharest, Romania, phone +40751657933.
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Date : 21-12-2019

Looking for N-reg partnership in Belgium or South Holland.

Looking for partnership in N-reg Cessna 172 or equal. Location Belgium or Southern Netherlands.

Contact Didier De Jaeger, residing Wachtebeke, Belgium, phone +32 475483072.
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Date : 19-11-2019

CozyIII in Schleswig -Holstein

CozyIII with IO320 and MT CS prop. First flight planned for 2020. Open for partnership with ambitious aviator and builder. Let´s meet in my garage. Jochen

Contact Jochen Fuglsang, residing Aukrug, Germany, phone +49 15752822288.
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Date : 16-05-2019