Mode S - 8.33 - G5
2002 Remos G3

Lithuania   € 37,000
Sleek, Fast & Comfy
2019 Tecnam P-2010

Italy   € 360,000
1995 Lancair 360 200 HP

Spain   € 120,000
Tow Hook Equipped
2021 Pipistrel Virus LSA 121

Lithuania   € 169,000
"As-New" Condition
2005 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS

Germany   € 345,000
Retractable Gear 172
1981 Cessna 172-RG Cutlass

Israel   $ 120,000
600 Engine Hrs Left!
1969 Cessna 150 K G5

Germany   € 49,100

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Attention: in particular ads of expensive avionics may be subject to fraud. We recommend to pay for navigation equipment, radios and transponders via an escrow service. Such will minimize the risk of ordering goods you will not receive.


We are looking for EU AOC operator and contractor for panoramic flights in our very popular touristic Airport - LJBO (Bovec) for the time of the summer season from 01.07. - 30.09.2022 . The operator must have a valid AOC for passenger air transport. A-A or A-B, VFR Daily. Preferred aircraft type: C-172, C-182, C-206, Tecnam P2010 or similar. We can guaranty a lot of business 5 days/week. We provide hangar space, office, fuel Avgas 100 LL or JetA1.

Contact Avio Fun Slovenia,, residing Libelice, Slovenia, phone +38641469545.
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Date : 29-06-2022

CozyIII in Schleswig-Holstein

CozyIII (side by side Long ez B. Rutan) with IO320 and MT CS prop.First flight in April 2021. 50 h hlight testing done, Everything works fine. Open for partnership with ambitious aviator and builder. Let´s meet in Rendsburg Schachtholm EDXR. Jochen 01575 2822288 j.fuglsang[a ]

Contact Jochen Fuglsang-Petersen, residing Aukrug, Germany, phone +49 15752822288.
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Date : 18-11-2021