2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 55,000
Mint Condition!
1994 Piper PA-28-161 Cadet

Belgium   € 90,000
2010 Flight Design MC
Lithuania   € 79,000

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CozyIII in Schleswig -Holstein

CozyIII with IO320 and MT CS prop. Ground test completed. First flight in 2021. Open for partnership with ambitious aviator and builder. Let´s meet in my Garage or in Husum EDXJ. Jochen 01575 2822288 j.fuglsang[a ]gmx.de

Contact Jochen Fuglsang, residing Aukrug, Germany, phone +49 15752822288.
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Date : 18-12-2020

Partnership for Piper Meridian,PC12,Citationjet - based NRW

We are searching for a Co-Owner for a professionally managed Piper Meridian with base in NRW. Attractive monthly/hourly rate and financing conditions available through us. Full/part ownership with professional management for Piper Meridian, PC12, CitationJet also available. Give us a call or Email to info@keepmeflying.de

Contact Klaus Nitzsche, KeepMeFlying GmbH, residing Meerbusch, Germany, phone +49 2159-8218528.
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Date : 19-11-2020

SR20 partner wanted

Looking for an additional pilot to join established partnership for buying and operating a 2nd hand SR20 out of EBGB. Share is 25-30k EUR, monthly around 160EUR and hourly around 150EUR. We have previously owned other aircraft for more than 10 years and have each between 350 and 1200h as PIC on various aircraft, including complex. Experience desired as PIC of more than 150h.

Contact Radu C, residing Brussels, Belgium, phone +32499942437.
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Date : 06-10-2020