Rare Opportunity
1977 Robin DR-400/180 Remo

Germany   € 65,000
Rotax 915 Garmin G3X
2019 Blackshape Prime 915is

Austria   € 199,000
1981 Socata TB-9 Tampico G5

Wales   € 55,000
Fast & Economic
2002 Aquila A-210 G5

Germany   € 135,000
S05R - serial 003
1966 SIAI-Marchetti S-205-20R

Belgium   € 25,000
Superbly maintained
2000 Cessna T-206 Turbo Stationair

Germany   € 215,000
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania   € 31,999
2008 Cirrus SR20 G3 GTS
Croatia   € 195,000
1965 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche
Ukraine   € 40,000
1986 Piper PA-46-310P Malibu G500
Switzerland   € 320,000
1977 Cessna FR-172 Hawk XP K
Sweden   € 49,500

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Air target towing equipment

Stored in Holland, 6 x MBV-2 target tow reel / winches to fit Hawker Hunter, Northrop F5, Learjet 35/36 , Falcon 20, and many other military jets. Very good condition . This include a cable winding machine, tow cables and cable drums with cable. Hard targets and sleeve tagets available, 3 Km tow cable. These air-turbine driven winches can easily be modified for use on Falcon 20, Learjet 35/36 or any other hardpointed aircraft. They can be used with a variety of soft and hard targets. New value 1M$ , Asking 30 000 USD for the lot . Contact owner sander.van.hoevell@gmail.com --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- View 6 --- View 7 ---

Contact Alexander van Hoevell, residing Curacao, Caribian, Netherl. Antilles, phone +599 95215535 .
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Date : 17-07-2019

Pa-36 project

Pa-36-300 project for sale.

Contact László Bódis, residing Siófok, Hungary, phone +36703112272.
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Date : 17-07-2019

Pa-25 project

Pa-25-235 project for sale.

Contact László Bódis, residing Siófok, Hungary, phone +36703112272.
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Date : 17-07-2019

Wanted ASh-62

AS-62 engine wanted. Preferably from 16. seria, with 3-400 hrs remaining time. Thanks

Contact Andras Arday, residing Budapest, Hungary, phone +36309525665.
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Date : 17-07-2019

Zenair CH750 STOL Assembled fuselage

Speed up Your build. For sale is assembled fuselage kit. ONLY fuselage. Some parts left unriveted for better inspection. You could fly over to Vilnius for inspection, and I will pick You up from airport. If You like to buy, I will arrange transport. I have photos, if interested, please call/ send mail. 4000Eur

Contact Simonas Stasiskis, residing Vilnius, Lithuania, phone +37065689841.
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Date : 17-07-2019

King KX 165 A 8,33 MHz

For Sale King 165 A NAV/COM with 8,33 MHz and 28 volt with FORM 1. 3900€ ..

Contact Michael, Plane Parts Nimbus, residing Bonn, Germany, phone +49 15739593025.
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Date : 15-07-2019

Urgent need of a PA31

We need to rent a PA 31-350. C402 or C404 in Commuter configuration in Europe for 12 mounth and approximately 450 hrs.

Contact Patrick Bovaeng, Nidaros Airservice, residing Falun, Sweden, phone +46730734982.
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Date : 13-07-2019

cert. Rotax 912 A3 with mailfunction

SN 4410651, TBO 1.500h, TTSN 2.100h, piston ring cyl. nr. 3 is broken, no other damages, incl. carb, gen, starter, no exhaust, no oil-system, price: 2.500,- €, location between Hamburg and Berlin

Contact Torsten Land, Abenteuer Segelflug, residing Pritzwalk, Germany, phone 004915233792076.
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Date : 10-07-2019


Hi , did you upgrade to 8.33-khz ? I am currently buying used 25-khz NAV/COM radios / avionics and paying cash for Garmin SL-30 , SL-40 , GNC-250XL , GNC-350XL ( all GNC-***XL models ) Bendix/King KX-125, KX-135, KX-155, (all KX models) KY-196, KY-197A (all KY models) Microair M-760 and other 25kHz radios. Also looking for Becker 4401 Transponders, Indicators, DME, GPS systems, and many other avionics. I also buy damaged avionics for parts. If you have any avionics you would like to sell, please email me at goodpuppy4@yahoo.com with details ( pictures if possible ) and price. PLEASE DO STATE YOUR ASKING PRICE !!! Thanks, Danny. Email: goodpuppy4@yahoo.com

Contact Daniel Broehl, residing Cologne, Germany, phone 004917625575575.
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Date : 10-07-2019

Worldwide Aircraft Delivery FAA / EASA

Do you need a professional pilot or an aircraft possibly delivering to a long range destination? The solution is only a call or email away. If you need a highly qualified pilot with worldwide experience including 80+ Trans-Atlantic crossings 6xTrans-Pacific crosssings FAA ATP EASA fATPL single and multi engine class rating instructor, RVSM/MNPS/PRNAV/BRNAV Oceanic RNP CRM ICING Ops endorsements. SEP/MEP/SET/MET. HS125 Typed On long range flights, there is a lot more to consider than simply jumping in the cockpit and lighting off the engines. Always happy to offer free and impartial advice.

Contact David Plange, Alpha2Bravo Global Aircraft Delivery, residing Scunthorpe, England, phone 00447866854414.
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Date : 09-07-2019

CAMO Manager

We look for a CAMO epert, certfifing Staff 2 in Bremen, for Airbus, Cessna Citation, Beech and Embraer. Contact: b.jahns@vs-dienstleistungs-gmbh.de 0049 151 17622527

Contact Burkhard Jahns, VS-Dienstleistungs-GmbH, residing Bremen, Germany, phone +4917651028659.
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Date : 08-07-2019

Wanted Early model Cessna 206 and 210 parts

I am currently restoring a Cessna U206A from 1965. Need prop, avionics, fuel bladders and interior panels. many of the early C210 and 206 will fit. Whole fuselages also welcome. Also looking for other aircraft projects. Please email me with any suggestions. Thanks

Contact Michael Fabry, PLANE RESCUE , residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 08-07-2019

Looking for IO-520A engine

Hi. We are looking for a Continental IO-520A 285HP in any condition. Or also possible an IO-550. It's to be fitted on a C206. Many thanks for your help.

Contact Michael Fabry, PLANE RESCUE , residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 07-07-2019

Bonanza parts Wanted

A-D Bonanza model wings Propeller for 35-G35 Bonanza

Contact Lars Molin, residing Degerfors, Sweden, phone +46706031364.
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Date : 02-07-2019


TRANSPONDER GARMIN GTX 327 ASA-00190-SU ASA-00191-CU 010-00188-03 Mode A / C 2 900PLN netto With the intro of the GTX 327, Garmin revolutionizes a part of the panel that has been long overlooked. This full-featured, TSO certified transponder brings a unique level of functionality and utility to your airplane. Its solid state transmitter provides 200 watts nominal power output and eliminates the need for a cavity tube which will eventually fail and require expensive replacement. And since the GTX 327 design is 100% solid state there is no warm up time, lower power consumption and lower heat emission. All of which translates to a longer service life. Some of the GTX 327 biggest features are the easiest to see. Among them, the easy-riding DSTN Liquid Crystal Display which reverses yellow numbers out of black for optimal viewing. An innovative keypad makes entering a squawk code a snap. And a dedicated VFR button allows for quick and easy 1200/VFR squawking. The GTX 327 also offers two important timing functions. The first screen shows the current time and count up timer. The second indicates flight time and a count down timer. Together they represent a whole new standard in transponder utility. • Physical dimensions 6.25"W x 1.65"H x 8.73"D (15.9 x 4.2 x 22.2 cm) • Weight 3.1 lb (1.4 kg) • Display type digital • Voltage range 11-33 • Transmit power 200 watts nominal • Transponder type mode A/C • Squawk code selection push-button • Solid state transmitter (more efficient, longer life) Yes • Verbal alerts No • Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts compatible No • Outside air temperature display No • Pressure altitude readout Yes • Altitude monitor function No • Density altitude readout No • Built-in timers Yes • Automatic ALT/GND mode Yes • Diversity (supports top and bottom mounted antennae to enhance visibility to TCAS-equipped aircraft flying above you) No • Panel-mounted Yes GTX 327 to cyfrowy transponder panelowy Mode C z certyfikatem TSO. Innowacyjne rozwiązania, dowiedziona wydajność i niezawodność stanowią gwarancje niespotykanej funkcjonalności. Zbudowany w technologii Solid State GTX 327 posiada zerowy czas rozgrzewania, niski pobór prądu i znacznie mniejsza emisje ciepła - dzięki temu urządzenie będzie funkcjonować znacznie dłużej. Transponder posiada 200 watów nominalnej mocy transmisyjnej oraz wyrazisty, ciekłokrystaliczny ekran z matryca DSTN czytelnie wyświetlający jasne cyfry na czarnym tle. Innowacyjna klawiatura umożliwi Ci wprowadzenie kodu transpondera w mgnieniu oka, a specjalny przycisk VFR pozwoli na łatwy i szybki wybór kodu VFR. Podobnie jak transponder GTX 330 Mode S, 327 oferuje kilka czasomierzy i trybów wyświetlania, takich jak: czas lotu, zliczanie i odliczanie czasu oraz aktualna wysokość ciśnieniowa. GTX 327: Najwyższy standard i szerokie możliwości. Własności fizyczne i działanie: Wymiary urządzenia, szer. x wys. x gl.: 15,9 x 4,2 x 22,2 cm (6,25" x 1,65" x 8,73") Waga: 1,4 kg (3,1 lb) Typ wyświetlacza: cyfrowy Zakres napięcia: 11-33V Moc transmisji: 200 watów (nominalnie) Typ transpondera: Mode A/C Wybór kodu transpondera (Squawk): przycisk Funkcje: Nadajnik w technologii Solid State (większa wydajność, dłuższa żywotność): tak Ostrzeżenia głosowe: nie Kompatybilność z ostrzeżeniami systemu TIS (Traffic Information Services): nie Wyświetlanie temperatury na zewnątrz statku powietrznego: nie Odczyt wysokości ciśnieniowej: tak Funkcja monitorowania wysokości: nie Odczyt wysokości gęstościowej: nie Wbudowane czasomierze: tak Automatyczny tryb ALT/GND: tak Technologia Antenna diversity (obsługuje górna i dolna antenę zwiększając widoczność dla przelatujących powyżej samolotów wyposażonych w system TCAS): nie Urządzenia zakupiono w Air Team w czerwcu 2018 roku. Przemysław Ciernioch +48 509 705 302 --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 ---

Contact Przemyslaw Ciernioch, residing Gdańsk, Poland, phone +48 509 705 302.
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Date : 28-06-2019