Best Speed & Economy
2007 Eclipse 500

Bulgaria   $ 499,950
1977 Cessna FR-172 Hawk XP K
Sweden    49,500
1973 Grumman American AA-5 Traveler
England    31,999
Rotax 915 Garmin G3X
2019 Blackshape Prime 915is

Austria    199,000
Magnus Fusion UL
2019 Magnus Fusion UL

Hungary    103,454

Hard Workers

You are about to find some rugged money-earning planes,
which are well suited to equip small aviation companies!

General Plane Sweep - Utility & Aerotow Aircraft

We are looking for small airplanes with good load carrying capability, ability to operate from short airstrips, or which perform specialist air work.

You can specify additional matching conditions.




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