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You may feel contented with PlaneCheck.
Perhaps because you managed to sell an airplane with souplesse.
Perhaps you found the aircraft of your dreams. 
Or maybe you just like the site and its opportunities.

PlaneCheck greatly appreciates your small financial contribution!

By clicking the below button, you are enabled to conduct a secure online transaction. Your contribution will be processed by the PayPal transaction service provider. You can make an instant creditcard payment, there is no need for a PayPal membership. Most creditcards are supported, although this may depend on where you live. If your card is not supported, you may resort to the other contribution methods as seen below.

Choose currency: US Dollars  Euros

Kindly leave the "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" checkbox on the PayPal page empty.

If you do not have a PayPal account, follow the hint under "Don't have a PayPal account?".

Also, it would be very kind to transfer in traditional fashion an amount to the PlaneCheck bank account:

Bank office

Avenue Ceramique 40
6221 KV  Maastricht
International BIC designation: ABNANL2A

International bank account number
IBAN code: NL84ABNA0510028055
Mr C. Rousseau
Tussen de Bruggen 61
6231 CB  Meerssen

Another option is send cash in an envelope straight to the above mentioned address of TwinSpool Aviation Support.

If you supply your full name and address here, you will receive a contribution invoice.

Thanks for your support!

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