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Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo GTS


Year of construction  2007
Country  Belgium
City/Aerodrome  Belgium
Description  1680h AFTT | Continental IO-550-N50 with 1680h SNEW | Hartzell composite propeller with 1680h SNEW | Upgraded Garmin Avionics
Airplane time state  Total time of 1680h SNEW in 11/2007.

One turbo normalized Continental IO-550-N50 with 6 cylinders, 310hp and 1680h SNEW in 11/2007.

Three blade Hartzell composite propeller PHC-J3YF-1RF installed with 1680h SNEW in 11/2007.
Interior  Original Interior from 2007 in Ivory leather color in good condition.

Spacious cabin |2 PAX seats | Reading lights | Intercom for every seat
Exterior  Original paint from 2007 in factory Sterling design with grey, black, red and blue stripes in good condition.
Avionics  Autopilot: Avidyne DFC 90
PFD/MFD: Garmin G500 TXi Landscape with SVT, Charts, Traffic, SafeTaxi, Stormscope, Terrain and Obstacles
2 x COM/NAV/GPS: Garmin G430W displaying Traffic and Stormscope
Traffic: L3 Skywatch 497 displayed on G500TXi Landscape and G430W
TAWS: King KGP 560
Stormscope: BF Goodrich WX500 displayed on G500TXi Landscape and G430W
Audio: Garmin GMA 342
ELT: Artex 406mHz
1 x Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 Mode S
Emergency Backup Instruments

Additional Features:

Beringer tires and brakes | CiES fuel senders interfaced with G500TXi Landscape | Garmin USB ports |
Airbag seatbelts for Pilot and Co-Pilot | LEMO sockets for all seats | Tinted windows | Built in oxygen |
| Emergency Backup Instruments | Reiff Engine pre-heat system | Pilot and Co-Pilot Rosen Sunvisors
Options  Ownership Status:

The present owner is the 2nd owner in total. The aircraft was sold NEW from Cirrus to its first owner in 11/2007, a partnership of two private European owners. The Aircraft had been EU imported back then and the EU import VAT had been paid for the private ownership of the Aircraft. The first owner then sold the aircraft to its current and second owner in 01/2022. The second owner decided to perform an extensive avionics upgrade, upgrading the Aircrafts avionics to the latest Garmin standards. All logbooks are available SNEW, Aircraft is hangered and does not have any damage history.

Information about SR22 G3 GTS-X:

The Cirrus SR22 G3 is great and a unique entry level aircraft to the world of flying single engine, high powered and fast piston aircraft. Being TKS equipped and flights into known icing conditions (FIKI) certified, it offers the safety and comfort of being able to travel more relaxed during bad weather conditions. Being parachute equipped, the CAPS = Cirrus Airframe Parachute System protects you and your fellow travelers in the worst-case scenario of having an engine failure from a severe impact by simply deploying the parachute. If wanting to fly higher and faster, the on-board oxygen provides oxygen while cruising at high altitudes at higher speeds. This Cirrus is the right investment to travel fast in a single engine piston plane, offering you a side stick, a parachute system and giving you the possibility to take-off and land on short paved and unpaved runways. This particular Cirrus has been upgraded to the latest Garmin Avionic standards, making this one to a little, modern airliner.

Performance Parameters | W&B Status:

Cruises FL140 | 190KTAS | using 19GAL/h and cruises FL230 | 210KTAS | using 18GAL/h  

MTOW 1542kg/3400Ibs
EW 1089kg/2401Ibs
MUL 453kg/999Ibs
MUF 348l/92GAL/250kg
PFF 203kg/448Ibs

Maintenance Status:

05/2018 performed CAPS parachute and CAPS rocket replacement
07/2018 performed Pilot and Co-Pilot airbag inflator replacement
07/2019 performed CAPS reefing line cutters replacement
04/2021 performed EMA Controller replacement
10/2021 performed RH turbo charger replacement
10/2021 performed cylinder # 2 replacement
08/2022 performed spark plugs replacement
01/2023 performed battery # 1 replacement
01/2023 performed landing gear strut assembly inspection
01/2023 performed new carbon oxygen bottle installation and oxygen system regulator valve
01/2023 performed FAA annual/100h inspection
All mandatory AD and SB complied with
Remarks  Cruises FL140 | 190KTAS | using 19GAL/h and cruises FL230 | 210KTAS | using 18GAL/h  

Private owned, EU import VAT paid.

Video Tour:

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All specifications subject to verification upon inspection, withdrawal from market without prior notice.
Price  $ 475,000  VAT free

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