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Ekolot KR-030 Topaz


Year of construction  2021
Country  Romania
City/Aerodrome  Aerodrom Fratauti, SV
Description  The KR-030 Topaz is a strutless high wing design.

All major airframe assemblies have a shell structure made of composites based on glass or carbon fibre. The fuselage in the form of a self-supporting shell stiffened locally with 3D material, houses a double cockpit in the front part with places next to each other.

Cockpit width 1.2 m. The shell is technologically divided into two symmetrical halves with stiffeners, and an integrated floor - trunk plate, glued in when connecting the halves.

Seats with a shell structure made of composites. Cockpit cover - a wind-up glass made of ultraviolet-resistant acrylic glass (PMMA polymethyl methacrylate), side door also made of acrylic glass (PMMA), 3 mm thick, on a composite frame.

Vertical stabilizer integral with the fuselage. Tricycle landing gear with a front wheel. The main landing gear legs self-supporting, made of composite. Main wheels braked together, front wheel controlled, coupled to the rudder. Optionally, the wheels are covered with laminated fairings.

The wing is made entirely, rectangular, mounted on four bolts. The NN-1817 profile was used for its resistance to contamination of the leading edge, with very favorable aerodynamic characteristics - tested on the PW - 5 "SMYK"glider. The wing structure is shell, sandwich, with a load-bearing girder.

Slotted flaps of shell construction, hung to the wing on outriggers, driven by the fuselage - electric, control on a joystick.

The aileron is made of carbon laminate due to the necessary high torsional stiffness, with the smallest possible mass (anti-flutter requirements) with a mass balance fixed at its end.

Classic horizontal tail with a rectangular contour, shell structure made of composites. Shell rudder. Pusher control systems.

Elevator trimmer - spring-loaded, electrically adjustable, control on the joystick

100 l fuel tanks mounted in the wings
Airplane time state  Rotax 912 ULS 100 PS
4- stroke, 4-cylinder liquid/air cooled engine with opposed cylinders, dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappets, integrated reduction gearbox.
- additionally, the second fuel pump - electrical
Oil thermostat
It shortens the oil warm up time to working temperature
Allows to maintain working temperature during operation at low ambient temperatures.
Carburetor heating system with coolant, controlled from cockpit
Coolant thermostat
It shortens the engine warm up time to working temperature
Allows to maintain working temperature during operation at low ambient temperatures.
Interior  Two sets of seat belts with logo.
Pattern - sport
Seat and backrest sport profil
Upholstery leather and alcantary
Painting inside - dark graphite - sport version
Cockpit equipment
Exclusive package
Mesh containers for trinkets 2 pcs
Mats on the floor
Armrest-container for trinkets
glove compartment
Instrument panel - carbon panels or wood imprinted graphics
Sun visors for the pilot and passenger
USB socket
Hanger for headphones
Stick - leather
Made of carbon fiber, leather covered - sport version
Additional control stick for training, teaching
Parachute rescue system-Galaxy to 472 kg
Fuel system
Two combined tanks with a total capacity of 78 liters built in the wings of the aircraft and two small sump tanks in the bottom of the fuselage a total capacity of 8 liters (reserve), optionally available sump tanks of 20 liters. A total of 86 or 98 liters of fuel.
Fuel valve on the central console integrated with the starter button -prevents to engine running with the fuel valve closed. Fuel separator and fuel drain valve.
Auxiliary electrical fuel pump.
Electrics in the cockpit
Master power switch
Key switch
2 ignition switches - with protection
Polymer automatic fuses protecting the power supply
Switches for electrical circuits with shielding and signaling of failure of a circuit.
Dashboard illumination with smooth saturation regulation
12V socket or dual USB socket
Headphone jack 2 sets.
Flaps, elevator trimmer, PTT
Flaps with electric drive.
Trimmer elevator - spring with electric drive
Control of §aps and trimmer from the stick
Flap and trim position indicators on the NESIS III display
PTT button on the stick
Electric trim of the rudder
An electrically adjustable rudder trimmer.
trimmer position indicator on EFIS Nesis III
Exterior  Tinted windows
Side and front windows slightly dimmed with PMMA 3mm
Ventilation - cab heating
Two adjustable air inlets on side windows.
Blowing air on the windscreen with variable speed.
Adjustable heating of the cab.
Engine cover with Cam-Lock fasteners
Engine cowling made from carbon fiber with Cam-lock fastners.
Inspection flap allows control of the oil level without removing the engine cowling.
Trunk-two large luggage compartment on left and right side.
Can be loaded through larger holes behind the seats.
Wheel fairings of the main wheels and front wheel, painted white
Propeller DUC Swirl-3
3 - blade, adjustable on the ground, Swirl-3, carbon
Marker lights and stroboscope
Standard marker lights: red and green at the ends of the wings.
White stroboscope on the vertical fin
Standard landing light - LED
Exterior painting Sport
Brake system - standard
Tires with tubes, Aluminium wheels,Kaspar calipers and discs, Kaspar brake pump, plastic brake hoses
Cabin cover
Protective cover for the cabin of the aircraft (fit to shape) fastened with Velcro.
Avionics  EFIS KANARDIA NESIS III 8.4 ", touch screen,
Artificial horizon
Synthetic view
Speedometer, altimeter, variometer, compass,
Wind force and direction (Magu required)
Navigation: free or subscription maps
Possibility to add your own points, routes, airports
Log all available parameters (every 1 sec.)
Visual and voice alarms (in headphones) for engine, fuel, speed, etc.
online - weather radar, METAR, TAF, (Internet connection required)
radio standby with ATR 833 radio
Engine Monitor:
Oil temp, fluid temp
Oil pressure, fuel pressure
RPM, hour meter
CO concentration in the cockpit (CO sensor required)
Fuel level, momentary and average fuel consumption
Engine board comput
VHF Radio
Funkwerk ATR 833=II OLED
Supported directly from the EFIS Nesis III menu.
- frequency entry
- selection of frequencies saved in navigation

Magnetic compass 57 mm.
Inclinometer - ball
Airspeed scaled in km/h, 57 mm
Electronic compass - accessories for Nesis.
Indicates a magnetic course and allows you to determine the strength and direction of the wind through Nesis III
Funkwerk TRT 800 MODE S , MODE A/C
ADS-B out
Autopilot - Kanardia
2-axle autopilot system (elevator and ailerons)
(the aircraft must be equipped with trim of rudder)
Control modes:
Level flight - using ailerons and elevator keep the plane in horizontal flight
Heading - using ailerons it maintains set course relativ to the ground
Vertical speed - using elevator it maintains the set vertical speed (ascent or descent)
Altitude - using the rudder it reaches and then maintains the set altitude
Flight Director - using ailerons, it §ies to the destination set in navigation
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