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Zlin Z-137 Agro Turbo
Year of construction  1990
Country  Slovakia
City/Aerodrome  LZNI
Description  For sale or rent, several Z-137T Agro Turbo airplanes.
In flying condition or to be prepared according customer order.
Can carry 1000 liters or kilograms of chemicals, perfect glider towing airplane, firefighting, spraying, spreading etc....
Excellent STOL (29 Kt) and rough field capabilities aircraft.
Airplane time state  Engine: Walter 601 Z, 520 Hp, Emergency 750 Hp
Prop.: Avia V508Z Constant speed three bladed diameter 8.2 ft Max RPM T/O 1900 Rpm Operating 1800 Rpm
Exterior  All metal aircraft Fuselage - tubular structure, front covered with removable metal panels. Aft tail section fabric covered.
Single seat version has a seat for mechanic behind the hopper facing back. Wings - all metal, fixed slots, double slotted flaps Flight controls - metal fabric covered Landing gear - fixed, double chamber hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers
Fuel - In the wings, 2 x 175 litres 92 US gal. Hard points , 4 x 125 litres 132 gal Wing span 44.6 ft Length 34.3 ft Height 11.5 ft Wheel track 10.5 ft Wheel base 20.6 ft Empty weight 2750 lb. Max T/O 5555 lb. V ne 154 kts V max. cruise 140 kts V stall no flaps 33 kts V stall flaps 15a 31 kts V stall flaps 40a 29 kts T/O run at max. weight 285 m Rate of climb at max. weight 984 ft/min
Endurance-agri. work 2 hours
Options  Crop dusting and spraying equipment, auxiliary fuel tanks available. Can provide training for flying and ground personel.
Remarks  We are the largest Z-37A and Z-137T operator. We are certified for overhaul of the airplanes with large spare parts inventory. Can arrange overhaul of engines and propellers according to your needs.
Prices from 40000 (complete airplane with calendar time expired engine).
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Aero Slavakia a.s.
Milos Miklik
Nitra, Slovakia
Phone +421376534877

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