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Alpi Pioneer 400


Year of construction  2014
Country  Austria
City/Aerodrome  LOWK
Description  The Alpi Pioneer 400 is the ideal 4-seater for families or for a couple with lots of extra luggage space. It cruises at 10,000 feet with 140 KTS TAS burning around 21l of Mogas. Powered by a Rotax 914 Turbo 115HP, constant speed propeller. Fully maintained.
Airplane time state  370 hours only, MTOW 800kg, 100l Fuel tanks, Flybox Eclipse EFIS including EMS (RPM, volts, current, carburetor temp, fuel pressure, EGT, CHT)
Interior  Leather seats, 4-way intercom, luggage space under back seat, luggage compartment after passenger seat, 4-fresh air vents and heating
Exterior  Behringer wheels and hydraulic breaks, breaks on top of each paddle for pilot (meaning you have a separate break for each wheel), emergency mechanism for gear (you can lower the gear with a handle). Strobe lights, position and landing lights.
Avionics  Autopilot with NAV mode (linked to Garmin 795), Eclipse Flybox EFIS, back up analog speed, altitude and compass, 3-axis trim (rudder, aileron and elevator), new KRT 2 radio 8.33hz, Mode S transponder, Garmin 795, Air Avionics Traffic warner (ADS, Flarm, Mode S and broadcasting Flarm out)
Options  Autopilot, Airavionics Traffic warner, plane cover (water proof) and propeller cover.
Remarks  Easy maintenance due to PH experimental registration. Only 1300 EUR for fully comprehensive insurance per year. You only have to maintain one board book where you log each flight. Very low cost and efficient airplane. I use 95% of all times Mogas only.
Price   140,000  VAT free

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Michael Jesse
Velden, Austria
Phone +436641315687

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