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Grumman G-164 Ag-Cat


Year of construction  1978
Country  Serbia Montenegro
City/Aerodrome  Novi Sad
Airplane time state  Grumman G164B AG CAT s/n 330 b with PZL-3S 600 hp engine s/n 7591061c
Total time 4742.0
Airplane and engine have 120 hours since overhaul.
It can fly 880h more.
Propeller US132000/A s/n A084275
Options  The following comes with the plane:

- One PZL engine super charger that doesn't work but you can use it for spare parts

- One overhauled propeller for PZL engine

- One P&W R-985 engine. Engine is without propeller and aggregates (magnets, starter, alternator, carburetor). It needs overhaul. U S A F OR BU MODEL R-985-AN 1, M F R S NO. 202441, PROP GEAR RATIO 1 : 1, COMP. RATIO 6. 00 : 1, M. ROD. LOCATION 5, BLOWER RATIOS 10 : 1, VALVE TIMING CLEARANCE IN TAKE 060 I. O. 26 B. T. C. EXHAUST 060 L. C. 31 A. T, IMPELLER DIAMETERS 6 7/8, MIN. CRUISING OIL PRES 70 lbs SO. IN., RESET COLD VALVE CLEARANCE IN TAKE 010 EXHAUST 010, SPARK ADVANCE 25 B. T. C.CZL. NO. 1 FIRING ORDER 135792468, F A A SPEC. 5 E- 1 .

Spare parts for Ag Cat:
- Main wheels hubs with rims
- Tail wheel fork with rim
- Oil cooler
- Brakes assembly
- Mold for windshield
- Various small spare parts
Price  $ 40,000

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Predrag Kovacevic
Novi Sad, Serbia Montenegro
Phone +381621996659

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