For Sale
Vidor Asso X Jewel


Year of construction  2009
Country  Italy
City/Aerodrome  Voghera

Description  For Sale VIDOR ASSO X JEWEL, engine Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp, in perfect condition, my personal aircraft used with PPL, very close to the new condition, with only 52 total hours of flight, engine and frame, never done aircraft school, although I am Instructor Flight ULM.
Asso X Jewel is the most beautiful and fast airplane, tandem configuration, designed by Vidor, copied later in the various Millennium, Blackshape and Tarragon.
The VNE is 350 km/h (189 knots), stall speed 65 km/h, speed of approach in full flaps 100 km/h, realistic cruising speed up to 250 km/h.
This aircraft was built by certified aeronautical technician, with the best quality aeronautical material, without any economic savings, investment over 70,000 euros.
The retractable gear, in my airplane, is one of the best and most solid that can be found on this class of aircraft.
Since the first flight to now, only two people have piloted it, no acrobatic maneuvering has never been done, no heavy landing has never been done, no speed more 260 km/h.
The maintenance is documented and all done by a Rotax certified mechanic.
Rotax 912 ULS engine with 100 hp, installed new, always maintained at authorized Rotax, currently has about 52 flight hours, but since the aircraft in use might be slightly increased by the publication of this ad for sale.
Black paint can be removed being a spray film.
White leather interior, adjustable seat;
Analogical flight instruments (airspeed indicator, altimeter, Vario) full, strobe lights and landing light, cabin heating, radio aeronautical panel;
The request for 49,000 euros concerns in the aircraft configuration ready for flight WITH ALL the following accessories that are currently installed, which can leave part or all of a price "discounted" already fitted and tested (if you do not want them no problem I can remove them):
- 2900 Propeller PVV GT Giancarlo Tonini constant speed governor with Flybox tachometer (instead of which I can mount a two-bladed variable pitch on the ground);
- 1900 Transponder Mode S installed with H code Civil Aviation Authority;
- 900 Efis complete with accessories installed;
- 500 ELT
- 400 GPS color chart installed with external antenna.
All the rest of the many options and accessories, for several thousand Euros, which you can see in the pictures are included

Over 200 pictures and videos of the aircraft on the web

I consider PART EXCHANGE for car, even higher value (not the Fiat Duna), possibly adding me the difference.

Possibility of delivery in flight across Europe.
Airplane time state  52 hrs TTAFE
Interior  SEE PHOTOS
Exterior  SEE PHOTOS
Avionics  SEE PHOTOS
Remarks  I will consider PART EXCHANGE for car, even higher value (not the Fiat Duna), possibly adding me the difference.

Possibility of delivery in flight across Europe.
Price   49,000  VAT free

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