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Züger FH-80 Fiberhawk project


Year of construction  2000
Country  Switzerland
City/Aerodrome  LSGG
Description  The Fiberhawk FH-80 is a pusher-type, single engine, single seat, low wing monoplane of fiberglass construction with 0hrs (zero).. It offers 30 lbs (14,6 kg) baggage capacity behind the pilot seat, economical operation and a range of approx. 680 miles (1100 km) with a speed of max. 150 kts.
The basic airframe consists of a sandwich construction (fiberglass/foam), including wing and empennage.
Main landing gears are made of aluminum alloy and fit 5 inch wheels.
Wing span: 20,7 ft (6,31 m) Empty weight: 603 lbs (274,4 kg) estimated
Wing area: 56 sqft (5,2 m2) Max. take-off weight: 970 lbs (440 kg) estimated
Wing loading: 17,3 lbs/sqft (84,6 kg/m2)
Length: 16,98 ft (5,18 m)
Height: 6,45 ft (2,20 m)
Airplane time state  Engine TSN / TBO 0 hrs (installed 2008): ROTAX 912UL, 80 HP at 5800 RPM, electronic dual ignition, 2 CD carburettors (for UL certified only)
Propeller TSN / TBO 0 hrs (installed 2009): IVOPROP medium, pusher (3-blade), electronically adjustable pitch, 62 in.
dia. Pitch sytem: IVOPROP (electric)
Exaust system/silencer: ROTAX
Fuel grade: AVGAS UL91 or 100 LL
Oil grade: Multi-grade SAE 15W-40
Interior  grey fabric & leather 10/10, new
Exterior  white 10/10, new
Avionics  standard according Fotos, XPDR GTX 320A, no ELT, GPS NAV /COM GNC 250XL (25MHz)
Options  All forms & documentation for certification + EUR 25'000.-.
(this option allows companies to overjump year long design phase and to make a serial plane out of it)
Remarks  For pilots max. 175cm (no chance for 180cm).
Final certification with BB and EAS in progress, 95% accomplished. All documentation & CL for final certification available, for coordination with other EU Experimental Associations pls check & ask.
Where is as is, transport TBD
Price  € 8,500

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Rudi Burgstaller
Schaffhausen & Berlin, Switzerland
Phone 004915730066822

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