Aerobatic aircraft
2006 Deborde-Rolland Cobra 202B

Romania   € 85.000
Great Allrounder LSA
2011 Pro.Mecc Sparviero 80

Italy   € 49.000
1971 Robin DR-300/108
Germany   € 18.000
With fresh annual
2005 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS

France   € 235.000
1959 Aviamilano F-14 Nibbio
Germany   € 49.000
New PA 18 Super Cub
1979 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub

Italy   € Inquire

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Exceptional Commander 112 TC, Germany, EDLE

Seeking prospective Partner for Fractional Ownership. Avionics upgrade fully IFR certified is planned. 1976, TT 2750h, Engine 170h SMOH. ARC and Annual new. New grey leather upholstery 2013, new tinted windows 2011. Garmin GTX 330 S-mode, Garmin Audio Panel GMA 340, Garmin 695 GPS (built in) with Garmin GA37 Antenna, HSI Century NSD 360A, Autopilot Century IIB, Pitot Heat, 4 Place Intercom, 2nd Altimeter, Graphic Engine Monitor EDM 700, Fuel Scan ®450 Fuel Flow,EL T 406, Stormscope 3M WX-10A etc. Your interest provided feel welcome to contact me.

Contact Dr. Peter Lieder, residing Juechen, Germany, phone +491633343322.
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Date : 10-04-2017

Grumman G-164 Ag Cat Biplane, Dual Seat, Germany

Have partnerships available for my Grumman G-164 Ag Cat Biplane. Very rare dual seat conversion, 600 HP radial engine, skywriting smoke system, tow hook. Open front cockpit jumpseat, rear pilot's cockpit open/closed convertible, 8.33 kHz com, mode S xpdr, intercom. Standard category EU certified. Hangared at Thalmässing-Waizenhofen airfield EDPW, approx. 40 km south of Nurenberg. No stakeholder payment required, annually fix cost share only. No dual controls, limited to experienced tailwheel pilots. Rare opportunity to fly a one of a kind biplane. --- View AgCat ---

Contact Gerhard Schilling,, residing Nürnberg, Germany, phone +49 163 5679572.
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Date : 04-03-2017

Maule M6-235

Finnish Registered superbly equipped Maule M6-235-IO540 lyc. on Aqua 2400 & A2800 Wheel Skis. 1/3 share out of 3/3 left ( 25k ea. Euro ) still available to qualified pilot. Will be based during the open water season near Lathi, Finland. Wheel Skis or wheels in the winter in the Netherlands & Finland. For details write: Erik van Veenen, email: , phone : +49 (0)3963919404

Contact Erik van Veenen, MAAK-STOL, residing Heede/Ems, Germany, phone +4944963919404.
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Date : 16-01-2017

Own 50% of my Cessna 340 or Dry lease

DRY LEASE You can dry lease my plane for as low as €400 euro per hour. I look for a partner to lease it for 5 months a year with a minimum of 20 hours per month. The best way to own this fantastic bird and save €€€. Contact me!

Contact Max Lisa, residing Milan, Italy, phone +393355895635.
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Date : 03-05-2016

CozyIII, rutan canard (like Long ez but side by side)

I am building a Cozy III in northern germany and i am interseted in a partnership to expedite the process. All hardware is available including engine. load test is done. German registration process started. Just give me a call.

Contact Jochen Fuglsang, residing Aukrug, Germany, phone +49 15752822288.
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Date : 18-03-2016