1979 Cessna F-172 N 180hp mogas

Greece   $ Inquire
1943 Fieseler Fi-156 Storch Storch S14B

Austria   € 750.000
2004 Piper PA-46-350P Mirage
France   € 535.000
Great opportunity
1986 Piper PA-46-310P Malibu

Spain   € 220.000
Like new PA-28
1973 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Trainer

Netherlands   € 39.950

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aircraft booking system and Flying school software.

Price reduction!!! Price from £5.99 AIR ACADEMY Flight Training Management Software Online Flying School software. Online booking system. Designed to save you time on invoicing aircraft Usage/ Rental. Try our demo online. demo.air-academy.co.uk Available features Customisable and easily integrated to your own website. User/Student Management-Record User/Student details and allow access to booking system. Student Training Records - holds student training history. View of training progress so far, including exams and solo training flights. Aircraft - can hold multiple aircraft. Upload aircraft document images. View remaining hours for the 50 hour check. Print and view tech logs. Aircraft booking system - allow users to book aircraft. Admin can book students lessons or allow students to book. Booking can be individual, bi-weekly or monthly. Select aircraft and instructor for booking. Bookings can be listed by aircraft, instructor or user. Can be emailed to each. Multi slot booking for long periods or maintenance periods. Student flights - complete flight details are added. Invoices can be prepared and printed or emailed to the student/user Tech logs can be viewed or printed Aircraft Rentals. After flight, pilot can enter all flight details . Admin can verify details and then send invoice by email. Tech log is maintained automatically when data is updated. All information can be viewed by user For further details and trials please call Sell Tahsin 07766 404284

Contact Sell Tahsin, Air Academy, residing London, England, phone +447766404284.
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Date : 15-08-2017

Land/terrain LFDQ 7450 m2

Serviced land and mobilhome for sale with 'direct access to LFDQ's airfield runway ( Castelnau-Magnoac). 7450 m2 with a wonderful vieuw on the Pyrenees, every facility at hand (2 km away from Intermarché, bakeries, pharmacy, bank, restaurant, hairdresser, bars etc). Next to the airfield: parachuting club, plane mechanical maintenance, refueling possible. Terrain et mobilhome viabilisés avec accès direct à la piste d'atterrissage de l'aérodrome de Castelnau-Magnoac. Superficie de 7450 m2 avec vue superbe sur les Pyrénées, toutes facilités à proximité (à 2 km: Intermarché, boulangeries, pharmacie, banque, restaurant, coifeur, bars etc) A côté de l'aérodrome: club de parachutisme, maintenance méchanique avions, possibilité de refueler. 87000 € negociable. Contacts: Isabelle Hainaut 06 21 22 95 42 isabelle_hainaut@hotmail.be Fabien Favereau 07 78 78 30 60 fabienfav@hotmail.fr

Contact Fabien Favereau, residing France, France, phone 0033778783060.
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Date : 09-08-2017


A11 , Cobra'15, SZD-48 Jantar-standart-2, ZD-42-2 Jantar- 2B, SZD-42-1 Jantar-2, Blanik L13.

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 25-07-2017

Noord Nederlandse Aeroclub

Neem een proefles nnac.nl Of kom op de vliegclub voor kennismaking en verdere info! Komende zomer van een geweldige vliegervaring genieten? Machlaan 44 Eelde AirPort-Groningen 0503095455 www.nnac.nl

Contact NNAC, www.nnac.nl, residing Eelde, Netherlands, phone 0031612299314.
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Date : 21-07-2017

Property for sale near LFDQ airfield

Former watermill, 5300m2 of land with old and big trees, beautiful situation. Nice view on Pyrenees mountains. Only 1hr drive to Toulouse Intl LFBO, 1hr drive to ski resort, 1hr flight to Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea. Near LFDQ airfield, possibility of hangarage of your aircraft. Position: https://maps.google.fr/maps?q=43.278205,+0.535905&num=1&t=h&vpsrc=0&gl=fr&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=A In the countryside, yet all services and stores nearby. Building is sound but to be finished restoration, possible 3 bedrooms and large workshop area. 125000€ negotiable.

Contact Andreas Hoegl, www.magnomeca.fr, residing F-65230 Aries Espenan, France, phone +33 6 95 23 68 33.
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Date : 16-07-2017


visit our online - contact us for your needs - the number one store for used General Aviation parts in Europe - check us out on www.euram.at

Contact Michael Ladstätter, Euram GesmbH, residing Kematen - Innsbruck, Austria, phone +43-5232-20749.
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Date : 14-07-2017


M462RF, M11, M14P, Walter Minor 6-III, AI14R/A, M137A/Z, AVCO LYCOMING AE10-320-360 and 540 series, Avia V503

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 06-07-2017


Ilyushin IL-14 , Brigader 60, An2 ,L-410 UVP-E, Zlin326/526, Zlin42/142, PZL101Gawron, PZL104Wilga32/35 • YAK50/52/18T: PILOT'S PROGRAMME for YAK18T-CPL(A) and INTEGRATE COURSE FOR PROFESSIONAL PILOTS CPL/ MEL/ IR/

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 04-07-2017


In different languages:: 1) 'AEROCRIPTOGRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS' 2) Artistic Flight-OFFICIALLY ADOPTED BY THE INTERNATIONAL AERONAUTIC FEDERATION (FAI) 3) List of Figures-AEROBATICS SYSTEM 4) Performance Figure of High Pilotage

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 04-07-2017

Time Hour Building in Portugal - Cheap Prices

Take advantage of the Portugal good weather. Hour / Time building in a Cessna 152 IFR equipped in very good shape / condition. Prices since 40 Eur / hour (Dry). The Pilot pays fuel + landing fees if applicable (depending of the Aerodrome). Aircraft very low fuel consumption (approx. 18 liters / hour). Price of fuel between 1,71 Eur and 1,95 Eur/liter. Many hour building packs available. Contact me for more details.

Contact Miguel Cabral, residing Lisbon, Portugal.
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Date : 14-06-2017

Airpark building plot for sale (PRICE REDUCED)

FOR SALE. Plot 18 Atlantic Air Park, FRANCE. Atlantic Airpark situated 20min by road from the west coast of France in the Vendee. Established Airpark, 760m Tarmac and Grass runway's, every pilots dream. This area of France enjoy's a micro-climate with sunshine and temperatures similar to France's mediterranean coast and within easy reach of the UK and the rest of Europe. Plot 18 is 3264 M2 and available now, asking price 105,000 Euro O.N.O See website www.atlanticairpark.com Contact Brian Richardson. brainr5@mac.com +33(0)2 28 14 08 58 +44(0)7771511734

Contact Brian Richardson, residing Chasnais, France.
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Date : 14-05-2017

Motion Flight Simulator with 220° projection field of view

To create the most realistic simulator environment, a real flight deck shell is the heart of the simulator. All the controls, seats and liners are from the original plane and are kept original. They not only look like real but they also feel like the real aircraft controls. The purpose if this simulator is to provide a full flight experience, and this in a generic twin jet aircraft allowing the same level of FNPT II training without the expensive and demanding certification. Full flights around the world are possible but also navigational training in multi crew environment. To take the experience to the highest possible level, a motion system is added to create all the flight cues on ground and during flight and also the meteorological conditions like turbulence and shear. The simulator is made as compact as possible allowing it to be installed in almost every place. MAIL FOR DETAILED INFORMATION DOCUMENT . price 40K

Contact Griet Vercruysse, Aviaparts, residing Brussels, Belgium, phone +32468107690.
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Date : 17-04-2017

Online-Shop for Pilot Demand and Avionics for sale

Ich übergebe meinen Online-Shop, komplett mit Firma (UG haftungsbeschränkt), laufendem Geschäft und Inventar. 5 Jahre am Markt, hohe Besucherzahlen, steigende Umsätze. Derzeitiger Standort: Oberbayern. Weitere Informationen nach Kontaktaufnahme.

Contact Christian Herzog, Avionikzentrale UG, residing Dietramszell, Germany, phone +49.172.4429125.
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Date : 08-04-2017

Aerodrome for sell in Latvia

Aerodrome for sale. 400 x 20 metres asphalt runway and 800 sqm hangar buildings construction. Total land surface is 5 hectars. Location 192 km from Riga, 38 km from Kuldiga ,75 km from Liepaja and Ventspils, 25 km from Baltic sea.Price 49999 euro. It is ready for use!

Contact Janis, Aerodromss, residing Courland, Latvia.
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Date : 17-03-2017

Hangarspace at EDRA

Space in brand new hangar for one single engine plane to rent at EDRA. Ample space for plane and equipment, sealed concrete floor, water and electricity, 18 m gate width, 500m concrete runway plus 250m concrete overrun plus 250m grass overrun. EDRA is ideally located close to Cologne and Bonn, just off highway 61, nice club, active flying community, cozy restaurant. Contact Paul-Justin Schilling +49.173.5409535

Contact Paul-Justin Schilling, residing Bonn, Germany, phone +491735409535.
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Date : 15-03-2017