2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 54.900
2017 Celier Xenon 4 Executive
Poland   € 93.000
VIP Boeing 737
1982 Boeing 737-200 VIP

US Missouri   $ 2.450.000
Annual Due Jan 2020
1967 Cessna F-172 Skyhawk H

Wales   € 38.500
1979 Grumman American GA-7 Cougar
Wales   € 76.500
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania   € 33.000

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Aircraft Rental, Flying Holidays, FAA Reviews, Island Flying

Aircraft Rental Holidays in sunny France. Hour Building/Self Fly Hire holidays. FAA BFR/IPC checks. Island flying courses around Brittany. Affordable, Fun, promoting GA https://aircraftrentalbrittany.wordpress.com

Contact Sylv Alster, Aircraft Rental Brittany, residing Brest, France, phone 0040732203379.
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Date : 25-07-2018

Piper Cherokee Six

We have a retained client looking for a Piper Cherokee Six (ideal specification with club class seating). If you have one for sale or know of one please reach out to the team at info@flymillionair.com Thank you!

Contact Michael Stokes, Fly MillionAir, residing Newcastle, England, phone 44 747 301 4043.
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Date : 23-07-2018

Cessna 150/152

We are searching Cessna 150/152 as project. If you have any for sale please contact us. Need to be complete.

Contact Pawel Adamczyk, residing Mielec, Poland, phone +48794360600.
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Date : 21-07-2018

KING KN75 Glide slope converter

KING Glide slope converter 50 euro + shipping costs

Contact Bertrand Mayor, residing Aubonne, Switzerland, phone 0041792134753.
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Date : 21-07-2018


Fly MillionAir offer a range of ferry pilot services to ensure that your aircraft is delivered to you in a safe and timely manner. Are you buying or selling an aircraft, need an aircraft moved to a different location, Fly MillionAir can provide these services to you ensuring safety and reliability every time. We don't pay agent fees or any other commissions to third parties allowing us to keep our prices low for our clients whilst also instilling trust that you know who is flying your asset. We now deliver to anywhere in the world so that wherever you are, we can transport your aircraft to you. We provide a professional service, from pick up to delivery and all our pilots are ATPL/ATP rated and 100% accident free. During our ferry flights we treat your aircraft as if it were our own. As a business owned and run by pilots we guarantee that your aircraft will be delivered to you in the condition you'd expect. If you have an aircraft that needs to be delivered or positioned contact Fly MillionAir and we will take the strain and the burden of delivery for you. Please get in touch for a quote and to discuss how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Email - info@flymillionair.com ​​Tel - ​0191 9035640 ​Skype - fly.millionair

Contact Michael Stokes, Fly MillionAir, residing Newcastle, England, phone 44 747 301 4043.
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Date : 19-07-2018


For sale COLLINS,VOR receiver VIR-351 TSO for parts or it can be fixed. The receiver removed with a fault indication in the screen. For sale in good condition Collins VOR indicator. The indicator removed from the plane in good condition and serviceable. For further details please send an email.

Contact Loukas Kyriakou , L. K Flyers LTD , residing Nicosia , Cyprus, phone 0035799516778.
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Date : 17-07-2018


KLN-89B P/N 066-01148-0102 S/N M4699 This unit is in VERY GOOD condition. It comes with mounting tray and connectors, Data card, original Pilot´s-guide handbook. Also included is the serial adapter with harness and an AC-Power-harness to upload database. Database: Atlantic 5 expired 11 Jan 2012, current database available for an additional cost. PRICE: €350.- + shipping from Germany OR: €450.- incl. current database + shipping from Germany

Contact Karl Volz, residing Heimsheim, Germany, phone +4972341850.
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Date : 16-07-2018

Worldwide Aircraft Delivery

Do you need a professional pilot or an aircraft possibly delivering to a long range destination? The solution is only a call or email away. If you need a highly qualified pilot with worldwide experience including 80+ Trans-Atlantic crossings 6xTrans-Pacific crosssings FAA ATP EASA ATPL single and multi engine class rating instructor, RVSM/MNPS/PRNAV/BRNAV Oceanic RNP CRM ICING Ops endorsements. SEP/MEP/SET/MET./PBN HS125 Typed FAA/EASA On long range flights, there is a lot more to consider than simply jumping in the cockpit and lighting off the engines. Always happy to offer free and impartial advice.

Contact David Plange, Alpha2Bravo Global Aircraft Delivery, residing Scunthorpe, England, phone 00447866854414.
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Date : 16-07-2018

Overhaul/exchange Lycoming IO-360-L2A. TBO 2200 hours!

Overhauled Lycoming IO-360-L2A, TSN: 2733:24 TSO: 0:00 hours Engine is overhauled i.a.w. Lycoming overhaul manual and all mandatory parts replaced i.a.w. Lycoming SB240. In addition the following is performed: New cylinders, camshaft, tappets, starter, ignition leads and sparkplugs. Overhauled magneto's and fuel system. All AD's and mandatory SB's are complied with. Engine released with EASA Form-1. Due to OEM parts used, TBO 2200 hours/12 years. Exchange price: €23.500,- Core charge: €11.500,- (prices excluding VAT/Shipping)

Contact Christiaan Koetsier, Aero Assist, residing Dronten, Netherlands, phone +31 321 740002.
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Date : 05-07-2018

Rachat de vieux avions a demanteler ou H.S

Rachat de vieux avions a demanteler ou H.S, Nous rachetons comptant a prix EXPORT tous types d'avions (sauf materiel russe ) Monomoteur,bimoteur, fret, cargo, helicoptere ,aeronef, hydravion, aeronef, Cessna, Piper, Beech,..... Si vous possedez un appareil qui ne vole plus ,hors service ,en panne, incomplet, brulé, cassé, hs, a demanteler, declasse, reforme,a demonter ,a remonter,en pieces ou que vous souhaittez vous en separer ,n'hesitez pas a nous consulter avant de l'envoyer a la casse ou chez le ferrailleur . fabry.michael@gmail.com

Contact Michael Fabry, Space Imaging ME, residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 05-07-2018

Aurus Propellers (Italia)

AURUS PROPELLERS Italy The propellers for aeronautical use Auruspropellers are produced by AS Avia Sas Esse born from the passion of Aurelio Soffli. Propellers are ideal for Rotax 912/912s - Jabiru 2200 - Continental Aero 0-200 engines & OTHER APPLICATIONS. For a 180cm propeller (two blades, fixed pitch). the price is 1200 euros including VAT, without shipping. For a 150cm propeller, Jab2200 (two blades, fixed pitch). the price is 1000 euros including VAT, without shipping. For engines with power over 120hp design and build propellers three blades (fixed pitch). Price 1800 euros including VAT, without shipping. Today, after years of commitment and studies on our achievements, we design and build highly efficient propellers, conceived on the particular aerodynamic specifications of the aircraft and the type of engine used. Our studies have always been aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the motor-propulsive apparatus and for this reason the results obtained are propellers that have shown a significant increase in performance both on take off and on the cruise of the aircraft on which they are installed. All this resulted in less engine wear, greater flight range, less noise and therefore greater comfort for the rider. These performance results, but also aesthetic, have been achieved thanks to the care taken in the choice of materials and the meticulousness of their manufacture. Contact us to test our propellers on your plane, to check the performance and the actual quality of our achievements, measuring together the improvement of the flight characteristics of the aircraft. DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF CUSTOM AERIAL PLANE We design and build wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental and vintage, starting from the flight characteristics of the aircraft, from those of the engine and any gearbox. We also perform various repairs and maintenance on all types of aerial propellers, even in composite material. The material we mainly use is wood, which we choose carefully and according to precise criteria. Very often agree with the customer, we finish our propellers with transparent paints, because we believe it is more beautiful to be able to follow the grain of the wood along the blades and to appreciate the value of the used essences. -- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS / ORDERS.

Contact Peter Kelsey, Ferryair Worldwide, residing Edinburgh, Scotland, phone 00447901580474.
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Date : 02-07-2018


New - L 22.90; Tampons for engine mount for Walter Minor

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 27-06-2018

Piper 28 Turbo Arrow 4

Parting out Piper 28 Turbo Arrow 4 ! Request your parts !

Contact Michael, PlaneParts Nimbus, residing Bonn, Germany, phone +49 15739593025.
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Date : 25-06-2018

Garmin sl 30 Sl 40

For sale 1 SL 40 Garmin 1 SL 30 Garmin new

Contact Elmar Marinoni, residing Burgstall, Italy, phone 00393357751391.
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Date : 21-06-2018

FS: Bendix/King KY - 196B - 8.33 kHz

KY 196B - 8.33 kHz - fresh EASA Form 1, install kit and 90 days warranty ask for more: info@apn-avionics.com or call +420 774 561 327

Contact Petr Navratil, APN Avionics s.r.o., residing Prague, Czech Rep., phone +420774561327.
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Date : 20-06-2018